Accelerate your business with efficient IT and compliance management systems

Working with proven and dependable software platforms, WorkflowIQ saves your team hours of wasted time through the creation of efficient and compliant business IT systems, customised to suit your individualised business needs. Partnering with WorkflowIQ allows businesses to streamline their business processes removing duplicate or manual steps, reducing workplace bottlenecks, and improving consistency and communication throughout their organisation.

About WorkflowIQ

The world is constantly changing, technology is becoming more advanced, and businesses struggle to keep up with the demands of change. That’s where WorkflowIQ’s offering can help. Born from a vision to streamline business procedures, compliance, and communication, WorkflowIQ offers a cost-effective solution for businesses who are struggling to improve organisational efficiency.

 Our holistic approach to helping businesses means that we can actively assist in determining their short and long-term goals and provide systematic IT solutions to help improve their efficiency, grow their business, and achieve their desired goals. 


The WorkflowIQ Service Offering

From small/medium sized enterprises to large corporations, WorkflowIQ has the solution to support the growth and development of your business. Taking on board our 20+ years of experience, our team strives to provide a customised solution to optimise your business performance into the technological future.

SharePoint/Power Platform Solutions

Included as part of all Microsoft (Office) 365 business subscriptions, SharePoint/Power Platform applications allow businesses to transform the way that they undertake day to day operations. SharePoint facilitates an intranet for businesses to organise, share and access business documentation, leads, contacts, enquiries, and images, all in one efficient place. Microsoft Forms and Power Apps allow the creation of customised online forms and applications. Power Automate workflows automate duplicate or manual tasks and deliver timely notifications to your team. We cater your SharePoint setup to the business requirements, tailoring the required applications to optimise your individual business tasks and procedures. This streamlines accessibility throughout the organisation, even across multiple departments and workplace locations; minimising searching times, document flow interruptions and optimising business operations.

Compliance Management Systems

Utilising the Microsoft 365 Business application suite, including SharePoint, we can assist organisations who are heavily regulated manage their compliance assets to ensure that they are readily available and meet minimum safety regulations and ISO standards. As a result of WorkflowIQ’s compliance management system, businesses can streamline their auditing process internally, control and securely store compliance documentation and search and compile reports efficiently, thereby increasing productivity and reduce downtime in paper trail management which can be particularly heavy in compliance focused businesses.

Our Latest Articles

WorkflowIQ is dedicated to providing customers with unique solutions to improve their business efficiencies. In order to facilitate a seamless service, we must stay up to date with the latest trends and technological developments. We are proud to provide consistent workflow articles that showcase examples of solutions to improve business efficiency and compliance management systems. Check out our latest articles to keep up to date with what’s happening in the world of WorkflowIQ.

What is a Workflow?

In the world of business operations, the term “workflow” serves as a guiding light, illuminating the path to efficient and successful processes. It’s the systematic

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Why Choose WorkflowIQ

Uniquely positioned in the IT industry, WorkflowIQ offers businesses a full-service experience to promote communication and increase business efficiency.

Experienced and qualified professionals who know what they are talking about

The WorkflowIQ team has a combined 20+ years of experience in associated industries including Information Technology, Communications Management, Business Process Improvement and Safety and Quality and Compliance Auditing. Our combined knowledge makes WorkflowIQ’s services and business proposition unmatched against other competitors.

Up to date on the latest technological trends and advancements

We jump on the opportunity to learn new skills and implement technological changes for businesses. When IT trends change, we implement strategies within our own business model to adapt to these changes and then find applications for them that are valuable for our customers.

We listen and take the time to look at the big picture

To us, your business isn’t just a number in our computer. We want to know what your business is about and prepare solutions that improve your business experience and work in the best interests of your goals and milestones.

Customised solutions for all types of businesses

No matter what industry your business is focused in, or the size of your business, we customise SharePoint solutions to meet your individual needs. Whether you need a simple management system or you have comprehensive compliance requirements, WorkflowIQ works with your business to improve daily operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

The IT world can be a bit confusing, so we have prepared some simple FAQs to cover the basics of our service offering. If your question still remains unanswered, reach out to the WorkflowIQ team and we will be happy to discuss your question in more detail.

SharePoint and Power Platforms are applications within the Microsoft Business 365 Suite so it’s quite possible that you already have the provisions for set up within your subscription. If you want to learn more about SharePoint and Power Platforms, book an appointment with our friendly team today.

WorkflowIQ has years of experience installing SharePoint features for businesses. Popular solutions include:

  • Mobile/QR Code compatible online forms
  • Advanced document storage systems.
  • Product library, categorised for ease of use
  • Feedback/enquiry forms
  • Maintenance forms and dashboards.
  • Record and register systems.
  • Leave request systems for internal employees
  • Reporting dashboards

SharePoint is so much more than just document storage. SharePoint can be customised to take advantage of the document storage capabilities far exceeding those of traditional server storage, including document versioning, external sharing, approval workflows, metadata, and search functionality to find the document you need quickly. SharePoint also can facilitate online forms, custom applications, and automated workflows to save your business many hours in lost productivity.

Absolutely! The point of SharePoint is to have a centralised intranet of information for your business, making relevant documentation and reports easy to locate and distribute via a cloud-based platform. You also have the flexibility to share your whole site, or limit to only share components of it with others, making it a great space for internal interactions. SharePoint is remotely accessible, meaning that if your workforce is not in a centralised location, information pertinent to the business can be easily obtained.

Yes! WorkflowIQ can provide access to filtered content on your internal SharePoint Sites or create a “Customer Portal” site to only customer logins that you allow access. SharePoint is not suitable however, for public access to your company information.

WorkflowIQ provides a fully comprehensive installation and training package for SharePoint. We set your business network up using the software and train you on how to best use the system to optimise your business performance and increase efficiency. We are focused on developing the right SharePoint system for your business which includes making sure you are self-sufficient in operating your site.

While we can’t help with the compliance documentation itself, we can certainly provide the systems to ensure that your documents and records are compliant and ready for auditing when the time comes. Talk to the WorkflowIQ team about how we can utilise SharePoint Compliance Systems to benefit your business in meeting ISO standards and optimising your business workflow.

We are focused on delivering a system to the benefit of your business. After a comprehensive assessment, we make recommendation on the best applications for your business and demonstrate the potential for money-saving areas or savings via reduce time spent on non-cash generating tasks. At WorkflowIQ, we are confident that our services will always deliver a tangible ROI within a number of months.

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