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Our Story

WorkflowIQ was started after seeing  businesses struggle with navigating the constant changes in technology and uncertainty about the best solution to fill their requirements. WorkflowIQ offers a cost-effective solution for these businesses to receive expert, customised IT advice and management, without the ongoing expense of an inhouse resource.

Workflow IQ offer over 20 years of experience across a range of areas including IT/Communications ManagementBusiness Process Improvement and Safety, Quality and Environmental compliance. This unique combination of skills allows WorkflowIQ to provide a holistic approach to helping your business become more efficient and to grow and scale effectively.

WorkflowIQ offers a completely independent perspective. We don’t sell servers, computers or provide IT help desk support so we are not influenced by these factors. Our priority is to provide quality advice about the best IT solutions for your unique business and ensure any IT solutions fulfil your business needs and meet your budget constraints.

WorkflowIQ’s mission is to provide value to business customers by looking at the “Big Picture” to reduce risk, improve their customer’s experience and improve the efficiency of their business, saving money directly, or saving via reduced time spent on non-cash generating tasks, diverting time to activities that generate income for the business. It is WorkflowIQ’s goal to become a business partner who’s cost is far outweighed by the benefits that result from it’s services

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Michael Martin | Technology Consultant/Owner