December 2021 – Workflow of the Month: Office365 Compliance System

This Workflow of the Month demonstrates how WorkflowIQ uses Office 365, to manage your compliance requirements, for Safety, Quality, and Environmental management. As this system is fully customisable to your business, it can also apply to other ISO standards as the framework is shared for most ISO standards.

Managing safety, or ISO compliance, employing traditional methods, such as, using spreadsheets, paper forms, and manual document filing systems, can be very demanding on your internal resources. They require a large amount of time to manage complex, and duplicated administration tasks. This can lead businesses to either, not get the full value of ISO compliance, or may discourage business to get certified at all.

Using Office 365 with WorkflowIQ, can greatly reduce the burden on businesses, by providing an intuitive, automated system, that manages all your Safety, Quality or Environmental compliance. This significantly reduces the time needed from your team to meet all legal, regulatory and certification requirements, allowing them to spend more time working on operational tasks.