SharePoint/Power Platform Solutions

Customised sites, applications/automations that manage your documents and save hours a week through business efficiency.


Why SharePoint/Power Platform?

“SharePoint Online” is part of the Office 365 Business suite and is a cloud-based intranet and document management service for businesses of all sizes. SharePoint allows you to seamlessly share documents and information with your team, colleagues, partners, and clients. Office 365 suite of applications such as Power Automate, Power Apps, Power BI and Forms extend the capability of SharePoint with mobile or desktop ready applications and forms, automate processes, and display your data via interactive dashboards. Office 365 is the most popular platform of its type, used by 80% of Fortune 500 Companies. What most businesses may not know, is that SharePoint and Power Platform applications are already  included with most business Office 365 subscriptions.

SharePoint is a collection of Libraries (your documents) and Lists (your registers, shared calendars etc.) which can replace or complement your existing folder-based file system. The benefit of SharePoint is that all your Libraries and Lists are in the cloud and available from anywhere with an internet connection, including your mobile or tablet! 

If you have a register that needs to be filled out, or a document to be accessed, you can do so from your desk or the phone in your pocket, saving your team hours of time a week, leaving your team to focus more time on cash generating activities. 

What can SharePoint/Power Platform do for you?

WorkflowIQ has over 10 years of experience with Microsoft SharePoint/Office365 applications and through the years have found many ways to get the most out of this great business tool. Below are just some of the ways WorkflowIQ can transform your business with a customised SharePoint site collection.

Below is a short list of some of the many features Workflow IQ can implement, to drive efficiency in your business:

  • QR code, mobile compatible online forms .
  • Company landing page for documents, registers and systems. 
  • Automated document approval system.  
  • Interactive business process maps. 
  • Categorised product image library. 
  • Anonymous feedback forms. 
  • Customer portal for access to your documents. 
  • Leave request system. 
  •  Automated notifications and “Teams/Planner” task creation when items  or documents are approaching a due date. 
  • ISO Certification compliant (Safety, Quality, Environment, Security etc.) management systems.
  • Professional report creation from an online or mobile form. 
  • Live Power BI report dashboards. 

For a free initial consultation to demonstrate these features and show how WorkflowIQ can improve your day-to-day business workflows.