Technology Consulting

An outsourced IT Manager that focuses on reducing IT costs, improving efficiency & minimising business risk.

Why does my business need Technology Consulting?

Today, businesses of all sizes, rely on some form of technology to deliver their services. However, many of these businesses just can’t afford a full time IT Manager on their payroll. When you don’t have access to someone with IT Management experience, you may find yourself stuck with expensive or inefficient systems that don’t meet your unique needs. That’s where WorkflowIQ can help you.

When partnering with WorkflowIQ as your technology consultants, you will have access to someone with over 20 years of IT and communications industry experience. We will work closely with you to understand your business and provide guidance and advice around strategic IT decisions and purchases. We take the time to make sure you understand, in easy to understand terms,  how your IT system works and why each element is important, so you know what you are paying for. Having a technology consultant guiding you, is an investment that can save your business from disaster and ensures that every technology budget dollar is spent to improve your business efficiency.  

Workflow IQ are able to offer a completely independent service as we are not linked to any particular providers or brands.  We focus on strategies for reducing your businesses costs and limiting unnecessary complexity by designing IT solutions using the latest methods and technologies. 

IT Consulting

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Improve Business Efficiency with Tailored Workflows.

Workflows describe how things are done and documenting them provides the opportunity to identify what is working well and what isn’t. Once you understand your business workflows, you can identify where modifications, or the introduction of technology can be used to create efficiencies and reduce costly errors. Even simple changes to workflow and the introduction of low cost technologies can remove hours of admin time, leaving your team to focus on cash generating activities.

WorkflowIQ work with all of your team who use the workflow, to analyse your operations practices and design a more efficient approach. We believe that the best workflows are the ones people want to use. WorkflowIQ’s goal is always to simplify a the end user experience when using workflows reducing unnecessary complexity.

Workflow improvement