Unified Communications

We guide you through selecting and implementing the most suitable communications system to support your business, while reducing costs.

Why choose cloud based unified communications?

An effective communication system is critical for businesses to communicate with customers and staff. Since the national roll out of the NBN, traditional PSTN phone lines and ISDN are no longer available, so you now have no other option but to rely on the Internet for your phone communication.

Cloud based Unified Communications Systems typically have a 15-30% reduction in total costs when compared to an on-premise system.  Costs are flexible with per month or annual fees that can include the rental of desk phones.

Unified systems are upgraded continuously, giving you access to the latest features as soon as they are released, without the downtime and additional cost of software upgrades.

Cloud based Unified Communications Systems can integrate with your business systems such as ERP and CRM systems and your office applications amongst many others.

Cloud based Unified Communications Systems are now very secure with datacentres meeting stringent cyber security certifications.

Unified Communications

Unified Cloud Communications Systems vs On-Premise Systems

tick  No onsite hardware and no signal converters, only  internet required.

tick  Latest low bandwidth CODECs used for HD call quality.

tick  24/7 support including Australian based support during office hours. 

tick  Rare system issues, worldwide network of datacenters, maintained 24/7. 

tick Work from anywhere with internet from your computer/IP phone/mobile. 

tick  Scale from a few basic extensions, to call centres with 1000’s of extensions. 

Noentry  Analogue to digital converters and system hardware needed on premisis

Noentry  Legacy CODECs leading to dropouts/distorted calls.

Noentry  Support may be limited to the provider’s office hours.

Noentry System issues may require scheduled site visit/wait for replacement parts.

Noentry  Answer calls from within your office, using a proprietary phone device.

Noentry  Capacity/features increased with $$ upgrade parts/replacement system.

Why Use WorkflowIQ to source your new communications system?

When partnering with WorkflowIQ to source your new Unified Cloud Communications System, you will have access to someone with the experience and up to date knowledge of the many providers in the market. WorkflowIQ attend regular technical training and information sessions to keep up to date with the latest features and services from various providers in the communications industry. 

Our Process

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Unified Communications Providers

WorkflowIQ regularly attend product update webinars and training, to allow us to advise the best solution for your business. While we remain independent, and can advise on any communications system, we recommend and can provide direct contact to, the following providers.